The Opera House Complex

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Renovations Currently Underway

We are currently working on the revitalization of the historic Opera House in downtown Stevens Point, WI. Our team is very familiar with the Opera House and its legacy as a community gathering place for both residents and visitors of Stevens Point. We understand what an important undertaking this is for the community and the importance of preserving such an iconic piece of local history. We hope that our investment in this project will stimulate the surrounding community both economically and socially in the coming years.

We are eager to demonstrate that this historic building can be flexible enough to accommodate events and programs and respond to evolving community needs over time. We anticipate the future use of the Opera House to be functional, sustainable, safe, healthy and vibrant. We envision a gathering space that will encourage positive and dynamic relationship development with our fellow entrepenuers and the greater community.

Our venue is partially open as of 2023! Our expansion into an adjacent building, renamed The Annex, has allowed us to partially open. Check out The Annex, at The Opera House for your upcoming special events!

The Opera House Event Venue

Historic Charm with a Modern Touch.

We are bringing new life to an iconic theater, The Opera House, located in the historic downtown of beautiful Stevens Point, WI. Steeped in local history and rustic modern charm, this historic 125+ year old theater has been repurposed into a luxury wedding and event venue, creating a picturesque space perfect for any occasion.

The newly remodeled interior will include design elements that thoughtfully reflect the building’s architectural style and original craftsmanship. You'll find walls of original red city brick, polished maple wood floors, high ceilings, and plenty of old world charm. With a variety of different spaces, our venue complex will be able to accommodate any size party, with a combination of indoor and outdoor courtyards and halls. Whether formal or casual, small or large, this venue will be the perfect setting for your event.

We welcome all types of events including banquets, charity/fundraising events, conferences, corporate breakfasts & meetings, seminars, wine/beer tastings, birthday parties, product launches, graduations, fashion shows, concerts, baby showers, anniversary parties, speaking engagements, weddings or wedding receptions, and more.

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Historical Timeline


G.F Andre announces he will build an Opera House. Work begins.


Opera House opens with F.E Bosworth as manager. German comedian Andy Amann presented "A Clean Sweep" on opening night. Vaudeville troupes, touring companies, Elks Club Minstrels and other social events are held.


The first facilities for what was to become the Stevens Point Public Library were housed in the theater beginning in 1895.


Harry Houdini performs on April 7 and 8, 1897. He was 23 at the time and he was not yet well-known.


Edison picture shows begin to be shown


Traveling moving-picture (stereoptical) shows first seen.


First silent movie screened. Features like "Keystone Kops" shown.


Opera House Closes "due to unusual business conditions."


The theatre is taken over by J.P. Adler of the Adler Theater Co. who gives the interior a full overhaul amounting to a cost of $60,000 at the time.


On November 1, 1920, the theatre reopens as the Majestic Theatre presenting a musical revue “All Aboard for Cuba” starring Don Lanning.


Myron "Archie" Neumann becomes manager, a post he holds until his death in 1952.


A Barton theater organ is installed.


The remote broad-cast of events presented in the theater became a regular feature of the University of Wisconsin Education radio station, WLBL.


The Wisconsin Amusement Company (now Fox Corp.) takes over the operation of the theatre and changes its name to the Fox Theatre.


First "sound" films are screened.


In 1931, the UW Education radio station, WLBL, station's studios were moved from their Whiting Hotel location to the large hall above the theater.


Theater closes for a month and reopens with new Fox marquee.


Theater closes for three days when local students picket because of a hike in movie ticket prices. Reopens with new "student priced" tickets.


Projectionists strike because management wants to employ only one projectionist instead of two.


Prudential Insurance takes over management from Fox.


United Artists assumes management lease.


X-rated films begin to be shown in effort to increase business.


Rogers Cinema becomes new management company.


The Fox Theater is added to the National Register of Historic Places.


The rear section of the theater, which contained the backstage and dressing rooms, is demolished to make way for construction of the CenterPoint Mall.


Theater closes.


Arts Alliance of Portage County officially accepts donation of the Fox theater


Arts Alliance of Portage County walks away from investing any money into the building and sells to the city of Stevens Point for $1.


Due to deterioration the rear 2/3 of the theater including the auditorium was demolished leaving the front 1/3 for possible future redevelopment.


The City of Stevens Point opens up an RFP process for the sale and repurposing of The Opera House.


The city of Stevens Point sells the remaining building and lot to local entrepreneur.


The Opera House LLC is established.


Renovation work begins in the fall, starting with a structural analysis of the remaining structure.